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    Cadwell Park is a spectacular 2.2-mile circuit carved into the sides of the Lincolnshire Wolds. The ‘Mini-Nürgring may well be the narrowest track on the BSB calendar, but it’s also the most memorable – its striking mix of slow and fast corners, cambers, bumps and elevation changes produce sensational racing, while the Mountain sees the bikes getting massively airborne (google Jonny rea or Josh Brookes Cadwell).

    The track’s unique character is what makes it so suited to rider training, and that’s why we hold our biannual Performance Plus days there – it’s very much like a road.

    Improving your road skills on a track? Sounds mad doesn’t it? But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cadwell is the ideal place to improve your skills – there’s no roadside furniture, plenty of run off, the traffic only goes in one direction, and you get the chance to practice the same corners over and over and over again. And the circuit’s dedicated team of marshals,
and these unsung heroes ensure every one follows trackday etiquette and everyone leaves the event in one piece

    We’ve helped thousands of riders improve their skills, wo why not see what we can do for your riding?


    Performance Plus is a road riding course run on a racetrack by the experienced Hopp Rider Training team aimed at improving rider skill levels. The team has a wealth of experience and are knowledgeable and amiable.

    The days are run at Cadwell Park and feature a mixture of on-and off-track sessions focusing on machine handling skills, defensive riding skills, basic bike maintenance and crash avoidance techniques.

    But there’s far more to the day than that, and this year we have revamped it so it’s more useful, and relevant, than ever.

    Our crash analysis classroom session makes a return, which basically breaks down a crash step-by-set and looks at how it could have been avoided. As well as looking at road basics – reading the road etc – it also challenges rider’s preconceptions and attitudes.

    As well as riding and theory sessions, the Arai race track will be in attendance, and its technician will be servicing helmets and giving talks about basic helmet care.

    We are also exploring providing on-road riding assessments – visit our Facebook page for more updates.


    All groups of riders are catered for, regardless of experience and ability, and if you’re particularly worried we can hand you a hi-viz vest to let other riders know your level. We group riders together according to experience, so you won’t be under any pressure to ride beyond your comfort zone. We want you to push yourself, but this isn’t a track day and are strict overtaking rules. Any rider seen intimidating other riders or riding recklessly will be sent home. All the bikes taking part are road bikes; any track bikes will be turned away.

    The day starts with basic bike controls, with each drill building on the last, slowly building up skills and confidence before putting everything together with a series of laps.

    You’ll be practicing the same corners over and over and over again and swapping positions constantly, so you’ll have a chance of leading and the opportunity to follow, soaking up information from your instructor and the lead rider.

    The advantage with Performance Plus is that the groups are very small – often just five riders – and there are regular breaks for feedback. And as you’ll be under the expert gaze of an experienced racer, you’ll pick up plenty of hints and tips which will make you an event better rider.


    Registration starts at 7.45am and after signing the disclaimers you’ll need to get noise tested. You won’t be able to hit the track unless you bring your driving licence – no licence means no time on track.

    The day is equally split between the classroom and the track – you’ll either spend the morning in the classroom before taking to the asphalt or viceversa.

    All riders are split into groups according to experience, style of bike and riding style. The experienced riders, group A, will spend the morning honing their riding techniques on track, while the more inexperienced riders, group B, will be in Cadwell’s Clubhouse challenging their preconceptions about road safety and learning just how quickly things can go wrong. And just as importantly the theory and techniques to stop them going wrong in the first place.

    The track then closes for an hour for lunch, then in the afternoon the groups swap – those who were in the classroom hit the track, while those who were on track hit the classroom. The day finishes at 5.15pm.


    No. Although leathers are encouraged as they offer more protection, textiles are also allowed to be worn on track. Full-face helmets, gloves and boots are compulsory, and any two-piece leathers or textiles must be zipped together. Remember to pack waterproofs – Cadwell has a microclimate all of its own and can get wet very quickly.


    Cadwell’s canteen always serves up a tasty treat but try and go easy on the lunch as a big and hearty meal will slow down your reaction times come mid-afternoon. And don’t forget to top up on fluids – you’ll be working hard, so remember to drink plenty of water.

    Performance Plus takes place on May 3 September 20, and costs £99.

    For more information visit

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