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Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by snox, Mar 29, 2015.

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    Mar 26, 2015
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    Having heard good things regards hjc helmets I took the plunge with the is17 lid in gloss black , along with a smoked visor for the summer .
    It has DD instead of those pesky seat belt type jobbies , always a winner in my book . What can I say regards fit and wind noise , well the padding lay out really suits my head and wind noise is minimum .Air vents are not super duper but you get a little and the ease of use of the vents is great . Vison and visor gets a huge thumbs up , great vision and the rachets on the sides make for a quick visor change , along with a reassuring feel on notch's when moving visor from closed to different stages on the way to being open .
    Add the above to what I consider to be a great looking helmet then its a winner !

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