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    Raceday at the British GP at Silverstone was a shambles as rain cancelled the race. Yes, the most obvious of British weather conditions brought the MotoGP Championship to a standstill. Yet, it took Race Direction some five and a half hours to finally bring the curtain down on a truly miserable day in every sense of the word.

    The circuit owners blamed the cancellation on the riders and teams refusing to race, the teams blamed the standing water and the lack of drainage and the riders blamed safety – standing water was an issue during Saturday’s sessions (a major crash in the water during FP4 sent Tito Rabat to the hospital via helicopter, while four other riders ploughed into the gravel traps).

    It is clear that Silverstone's owners have fudged the recent multi-million fund resurfacing, which it boasted had removed the many bumps which had plagued the track for years. Standing water could be seen at much of the circuit, seemingly unable to cope with the most likely of weather conditions at this race track.

    In an effort to beat the weather conditions, race organisers announced that the MotoGP race would be moved forward in the schedule to 11:15am in an effort to get the big bikes on the track before the rain was again expected to hit the circuit.

    However, while the MotoGP warm-up session was held during dry conditions, rain began falling during the Moto3 warm-up and this quickly turned into a steady stream of rain.

    With the Dorna and the track's officials delaying Sunday’s races for as long as possible, Dorna, IRTA, and the MotoGP riders, bar Jack Miller and Johan Zarco, finally decided to cancel the race late in the afternoon, just before 4pm, as the rain showed no chance of stopping, and the track surface was clearly not safe enough to race upon when it was wet.

    So, that was that...a shambolic end to a truly miserable day for British racing.

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