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    BMW claims its new System 7 Carbon is set to become the new benchmark in terms of safety, versatility, and aerodynamic properties, and on paper it certainly looks promising.

    An evolution of the hugely popular System 6, the System 7 Carbon can be converted from a full-face helmet to an open one by simply taking off the chin guard. No tools are required and it takes only a couple minutes to make the change. How good is that?

    As the name suggests, the exterior shell is made out of carbon fibre and has reinforcement inserts. BMW claims the helmet will exceed all safety standards – some feat considering it weighs weighing just 1580 g or 1680g, accordingly to size.

    The interior is made out of multiple EPS segments and different thickness foam padding to offerthe best shock absorption and increased comfort. As is increasingly becoming the norm, the interior pads can be removed and washed.

    The three-dimensionally curved MaxView visor promises to offer an excellent view in all weather conditions while also increasing the field of view compared to its predecessor. Other upgrades include an optimised aero spoiler, integrated sun visor, and an enhanced ventilation system.

    The System 7 Carbon will be available in Black, Light White, metallic Graphite Matt and Silver as well as in color Prime, Moto, and Spectrum Fluoro paint schemes.

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