New kit: Alpinestars Racing Absolute one-piece leathers

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    Motorcycle race suits offer the very best form of rider protection. They’re constructed with abrasion resistant materials, have generous impact protection and are designed to keep you as safe as possible in the event of a crash. Leather slides incredibly well, and you’re more likely to suffer heat burns from your skin rubbing against the leather than damage from cuts and the likes. Speed causes a lot of injuries but the injuries caused by friction are far greater.

    The Racing Absolute Leather Suit is different. Using lessons learnt from the MotoGP World Championship and input from Alpinestars athletes, the Racing Absolute is a state-of-the-art kangaroo leather one-piece racing suit which sets new benchmarks for protective technology available to riders. An example of this is the brand-new innovative aramid bonded leather that is found in the areas of the suit prone to high abrasion; the shoulders, knees, elbows, forearm, seat, and the sides of the back all have this added layer of protection along with dual-leather layers. This aramidic bonding was developed in collaboration with Marc Marquez and is proven to significantly increase tear and abrasion resistance while also protecting the rider from heat transfer, particularly in the case of a long slide on the Tarmac.

    The suit is constructed from premium grade, 1.1mm kangaroo leather for flexibility, light weight, suppleness and superior abrasion resistance, and this focus on performance continues with the suit’s armour; which consists of CE-approved, race-derived protectors on the elbow, shoulder, knee and tibia, and Alpinestars new exclusive GP Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) on the knee and further DFS protection on the elbow and shoulder. This is bolstered with CE-certified Nucleon hip protectors, and riders can add the CE-certified Nucleon chest pads, available as an accessory upgrade.

    A new feature of the Absolute Racing Leather Suit is the RR elbow slider, which is anatomically contoured for comfort and features a removable screw-mounted slider insert, which allows riders to replace it once it’s worn.

    Other considered design touches include a body mapped race fit pre-curved sleeves for reduced fatigue on the track and strategically placed anatomical stretch panels for high levels of movement and a superior fit, with aramid reinforced stretch panels on the crotch, back of the leg and underarms for additional flexibility and breathability. There’s also a removable inner stretch mesh liner and large perforated leather panels on the chest and legs for cooling airflow, ensuring the rider stays cool, no matter how hot the action on track.

    This attention to detail continues to the aerodynamic speed hump, which improves stability and airflow at speed. Designed to accommodate a hydration pack, it comes complete with an opening for a hydration hose. Another neat feature is the printed logos; these not only reduce weight, they also improve the flexibility of the leather, thereby enhancing comfort and performance.

    The Absolute Racing Leather Suit is available in a number of striking colours and is a fully CE-certified riding garment, conforming to CE-Category II prEN17092 draft standards – AAA class.

    Tech-Air® airbag system:

    This suit is built to accept the Race Airbag System, which is purchased separately, installs easily and does not require any external sensors to operate. Should it detect the start of a crash, it will deploy a protective airbag, providing unrivaled protection to the rider’s full back, shoulders, kidney area and chest.

    The garment is designed to accommodate the jacket’s inflated volume without compromising seam strength or material integrity. The jacket’s ergonomic design means that it can be worn without the airbag system for a versatile, personalised fit.

    An LED display on the sleeve indicates the airbag’s operational status, while internal housing located in the built-in CE-certified back protector accommodates the system ECU allowing the Tech-Air® vest to be installed in any compatible Alpinestars jacket.

    It’s smart too: extensive research and testing on the road and track have allowed us to refine the triggering algorithms, allowing the system to accurately assess when to deploy ahead of an impact.

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