No more superbikes for KTM

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    KTM_1190_RC8_R.jpg So the news coming from Austria, is KTM, who's motto is 'ready to race', will not build another superbike once they've killed off their brilliant RC8R. For the full story click here...

    Which brings us to the question as to whether KTM's head Stefan Pierer has a point when he says today's superbikes are just too potent for the roads. Does he have a point? What do you think?
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    To potent ? concern here is a manufacturer stating this ! which in turn could give all the do gooders ammo against us two wheel kids . Sure the health n safety bods of the world will cream them selves reading the statement ;\
    Regards the bhp on the current bikes rolling out then yeah I wonder how much can be used on the open roads but at same time with out the high bhp n fancy electronic stuff would superbikes eventually die of ??
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    It could be that KTM know of some proposed leglislation regarding power or maybe and probably more likely the development costs to stay ahead of the game is no longer justified by sales

    With very few exceptions eu wide, tourers/adventure bikes sell much more than superbikes and in KTM's case probably 10/1 as they are quite highly regarded in the tourer/adventure market.

    There has to be a limit though and I suspect we are getting close. Once you have so much that the electronics need to constantly cancel it out then having more is pointless.

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