Road racing: Michael Dunlop switches to Alpinestars for 2019 campaign

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    Michael Dunlop is the third most successful rider in the Isle of Man TT’s long and illustrious history and has 18 victories so far to his name. The northern Irish racer is widely recognised as one of road racing’s most determined and tenacious competitors, and the 2019 campaign sees him join the Alpinestars line-up as he races between the hedges in a bid to add more silverware to his name.

    Michael will wear Supertech R boots and recently visited the company’s Italian HQ in Italy to get measured. He said: “Alpinestars is the best company in the world in terms of producing protective rider equipment. For 2019 my plan was to make sure I have the best materials available to me, and that is why I’ve chosen Supertech R boots. I firmly believe these boots are a different level. I’ve spoken to fellow road racer John McGuinness and I know the company listens to feedback from its athletes, and then uses this feedback to improve its products. It’s a good demonstration of the company’s commitment to protection.”

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