Road riding – ten things I’ve learnt from riding a 2011 Yamaha Diversion 600F

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    01) The Diversion 600F is tiny, really tiny for my 6’2in frame

    02) OEM tyres from 2011 don’t age well…

    03) The state of the roads in Lincolnshire is shocking – potholes everywhere

    04) The standard of drivers isn’t much better; everyone seems glued to their phone or sat nav…the telltale weave is a giveaway

    05) The temperature may be warm during the day right now but at twilight it’s still too early in the year for vented leathers and boots

    06) The bugs are much bigger riding after 8pm too

    07) The engine may be small, but it’s still lively and has enough poke to put a smile on your face

    08) It’s crying out for an aftermarket can though…sounds like a washing machine

    09) It begins to weave once you get it singing

    10) The 600F may just be the perfect post-test bike to cut your teeth on

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