Ten things I’ve learnt from a 9-hour, 400-mile round trip to Bristol:

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    01) Our roads are shocking, really fucking shocking. Massive potholes, cracks, poor surfaces, gravel – they need sorting out. Fast.

    02) It’s still way too cold for vented leathers.

    03) The Factory’s Akras sound like victory…boooooooom, braaaaaaap, baaaaaaang.

    04) The amount of drivers using their phone behind the wheel is frightening.

    05) Aching knees, wrists and necks mean I’m getting old, but the lack of thermals means I’m not getting wiser.

    06) The first scraaaaaaaape of slider on tarmac of the year still brings a MASSIVE smile to my face.

    07) Chicks dig wheelies.

    08) I’d forgotten how good fish finger sandwiches are.

    09) There’s A LOT of blood when you strike a pigeon.

    10) Little Chef lollies do strange things to grown men…

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