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Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by Simon, Nov 14, 2015.

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    This brilliant rucksack was a replacement for my trusty R20, which I managed to destroy after hitting a deer in a big off on the way home from work.

    It features Kriega’s genius parachute-style Quadloc harness system, which effectively takes the weight off your shoulders and spreads it evenly across your chest, and a well-padded back and shoulder straps. It really works.

    The main compartment is 25 litres, hence the name, and it’s plenty big enough to easily swallow jeans, trainers, spare visor and gloves, waterproofs and all my other junk on the daily commute. The compartment itself is accessed via a sturdy zip at the top of the bag, and once open there’s a small, waterproof pouch, ideal for storing a wallet, and a laptop pocket (it’s big enough for a 15in MacBook Pro). It’s also plenty big enough to carry everything you’ll need for a long-weekend away.

    The bag itself is made from durable, rip-stop nylon and Cordura, and on the outer there’s another zipped pocket with a reflective patch, which is perfect for carrying a spare set of gloves and a sidestand puck.

    The harness makes it difficult to access your wallet when filling up with petrol, but Kriega have solved this with the addition of the Kube, a useful pocket which velcros to the shoulder strap.

    I’ve had it some three years now, used it pretty much everyday, in all weathers, and after some 60,000 miles of use and abuse it still looks like new.

    It comes with Kriega’s 10-year guarantee.
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    I have an R25. Quite a few years old. Tours Spain every year with me without issue. It's totally waterproof provided you pull the flap down over the zip (guess how I know that).

    You do have to make sure 100% that the zip is fully closed otherwise the wind blast slowly opens it up. I lost my Bikefan T-shirt just outside Lourdes after taking a drink from the bag and not doing the zip up properly. And another time I lost my jeans and a can of chain spray onto the windscreen of a VW Golf outside Caen. The driver of said VW gave me the bird but was otherwise unfazed.

    Would deffo buy another if I ever break this one.

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