Tested: Alpinestars Supertech R Boots

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    These boots offer the best of both worlds – they’re brilliantly comfortable straight out of the box while being reassuringly protective. They’re the same boots you see Marquez, Lorenzo, Crutchlow, Dovizioso and Quartararo wearing in MotoGP and all this on-track crash research means they’re proven.

    The superb level of protection these boots offer is mainly thanks to their construction – the Supertech R actually consists of two boots; an inner and an outer.

    The inner boot has been designed to absorb any knocks while also reducing ankle twist and features a four-link system that effectively links the calf collar to the reinforced heel cup. It sounds uncomfortable but it isn’t, thanks largely to the inner boot’s lightweight mesh fabric construction. The inner boot also features a shoehorn shaped piece of plastic connected to the heel cup to protect the Achilles tendon and the boot itself is held to the rider’s foot by an internal Carbon/Kevlar mix lace which has been designed to reduce bulk and weight.

    The synthetic leather outer boot features a soft, grippy suede-style material on the inside to stop your bike’s bodywork from being scratched and scuffed, elasticated tops, extensive and effective vents and a brilliant zip, Velcro, ratchet system that makes getting the boots on and off a doodle. Again there’s lots of protection. Every surface has been designed to slide and not grip in the event of a spill – there’s also lots of sturdy plastic on the heel, a sturdy but flexible sole and replaceable toe sliders.

    These boots are easily the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn and they’re equally at home on the bike churning out the miles from Italy to the Isle of Man in a day or blasting over the Mountain as they are off the bike watching the racing at the TT.

    Expensive but worth every penny.

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